Dhanapāla’s Contradictions (vv. 4–5)

How is it that, despite being the jewel of masth produced by a royal elephant,
you don’t fetch even the price of a pearl?
    [How is it that you merit being done reverence to,
    the crown-jewel of those who have no desire?]

How is it, Lord, that despite being the abode of abundant jewels,
you bear only three jewels?
    [How is it, Lord, that you bear the three jewels,
    destroying the abundant dust of accumulated karma?]

arihasi na muttiagghaṁ kaha taṁ gayarāyamatthayamaṇī vi
kaha pahu pahūarayaṇāsaō vi rayaṇattayaṁ vahasi [4]

अरिहसि न मुत्तिअग्घं कह तं गयरायमत्थयमणी ।
कह पहु पहूअरयणासओ वि रयणत्तयं वहसि ॥ ४ ॥

The three jewels are right worldview, right knowledge, and right conduct (darśanajñānacaritra-).

How is it that, despite being a young elephant,
you are a cub among the lions that are Śramaṇas in this ocean of existence?
    [How is it that, besides being a ship for the lions that are Śramaṇas
    in this ocean of existence, you are also free from contention?]

How is it, glorious one, that despite being a lion,
you give happiness to female elephants?
    [How is it, glorious one, that you give happiness to those who want what is right,
    and are an enemy of evil besides?]

kaha gayakalahō vi bhavōahimmi pōōsi samaṇasīhāṇaṁ
ēṇārī vi mahāyasa kaha dēsi suhaṁ suhatthīṇaṁ [5]

कह गयहलहो वि भवोअम्मि पोओसि समणसीहाणं ।
एणारी वि महायस कह देसि सुहं सुहत्थीणं ॥ ५ ॥