A. N. Upadhye’s teachers

What was the intellectual formation of such a great textual scholar as A. N. Upadhye? B. K. Khadabadi says in his short monograph on Upadhye:

From Dr. P. L. Vaidya he received a sense of the importance of, and an interest in, Prakrit literature and language, which had largely been created and developed by Jain teachers. From Dr. V. S. Sukthankar he got the foundational elements of sensitive editing: the ability to engage in the textual criticism of manuscripts of ancient Jain texts, and the art of principled selection of readings. From Dr. Belvalkar he learned the adage ‘One thing at a time, and that too to its completion,’ taking up only one research project, or one edition, at a time. From Muniśrī Jinavijaya he knew a principle of experience, namely, that being able to imagine the various formats of ancient manuscripts, and the complete knowledge of the tradition of the Jain dharma, were the basis for sensitive research and editing. From such serious scholars as Professor Schubring, who stood in the place of his own guru, he knew the currents of Western research in his own research and editing, and he adopted them in moderation. All of these components are visible in his research and editorial work.

I have not learned Belvalkar’s lesson.

From B. K. Khaḍabaḍi’s Ḍā. Ā. Nē. Upādhye Jīvana-sadhane, p. 35. (My translation.)