More syntax parsing with annodoc

I have been looking for a relatively easy way to create and visualize dependency parses for Sanskrit, and obviously the Annodoc setup (which uses the brat annotation system) is a great place to start. Annodoc is basically a Jekyll template that allows you to write parses as markdown files, using conventions like Universal Dependencies, which are then displayed in a very smart diagram.

My problem has been using these tools on a web server that I can’t actually install software like Jekyll on. Luckily, GitHub pages can run Jekyll, so all I have to do is keep an Annodoc installation on GitHub and I can access the parses through a URL like this one. I made a few styling changes to the default Annodoc setup to make them easier to embed, and I also installed iframeResizer, in anticipation of embedding iframes from GitHub, on the websites where I’ll want to use embed the parses. Now I can:

  • create parses in SD syntax and store them on GitHub, where Annodoc will automatically produce a visualization;
  • embed the visualization using an iframe anywhere I want.