Rāma’s Last Act 1.8

किं त्वनुष्ठाननित्यत्वं स्वातन्त्र्यमपकर्षति ।
संकटा ह्याहिताग्नीनां प्रत्यवायैर्गृहस्थता ॥

But it’s the constant pull of obligations
that carries off their freedom.
For those who keep the sacred fire
even domestic life is fraught
with the danger of failing in one’s duty.

From the beginning of Bhavabhūti’s Rāma’s Last Act (Uttararāmacaritam), echoing an observation made in the course of the deontic logic project that the followers of Prabhākara would be doing rituals day in and day out out of fear of ‘breach of duty’ (adhikārātikrāntiḥ).